Biomagnetic Energy Purifier

Geobiology studies the relationship between the physical Earth and the organisms living on it. Underground sources of water, geological faults, the human footprint, and many more all produce electromagnetic waves, which —simply put— have an impact on us, humans. More so, it is believed that people nowadays are less resistant than before to natural influences possibly due to a stress load and the increase of artificial radiation and pollution.

Based on waveform technology and quantum physics, the Biomagnetic Energy Purifier cleans and amplifies the magnetism present in its surrounding environment.

The sacred form of an ovoid acts as a revitalizer, a transmitter and a transformer. Everything has a plus and a minus, but not the ovoid form. It has a plus and a neutral; no minus. That is why it will never have an energetic charge because it's always working at transforming toxic waves in positive waves. When lying of its side, the purifier stops working but it will not get a negative charge.

Revitalizers are constantly linked to light, to solar energy, to geomagnetic field, to gravity and to the surrounding environment. They are universal and communicate all together in a good terrestrial way for two to three decades. That is in fact why our purifiers are made of hard wood.

Fuelled by sunlight, the Biomagnetic Energy Purifier attracts terrestrial electromagnetic waves and transforms them to feed its surrounding area with positive waves. It is mainly used to neutralize a large part of the negative effects caused by electrical discharges, chemical building materials and other harmful —although natural— electromagnetic waves. When placed on a counter, it can also increase the magnetism of foods and beverages. As a necklace, it helps maintain health and strengthen the capacity of natural self-healing.

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