Energy Purifier


As you are aware, the Earth's natural magnetic field operates as if the Earth were an immense magnet, with magnetic lines of force:

Emerging naturally from the North Pole, Naturally coursing towards the South to re-enter through the South Pole, Journeying to the Earth's center for revitalization before resurfacing once again through the North Pole, perpetually maintaining its lines of force.


But did you know that Denys Gagnon's Biomagnetic Regenerator (RBDG):

Acts like the Earth's natural magnetic field, seizing all harmful waves originating from electric and electromagnetic fields. Captures these detrimental waves, carefully accounting for airflow, terrestrial gravity, and the axis of Earth's natural magnetic polarity, so that they: Enter through the 12 openings at the top of the wooden egg, pointed toward the ceiling where it is suspended. Encounter highly energetic particles as they pass through the curative vegetal magnetism of the egg, converting them into the natural Earth's magnetic phase. Exit through the 12 openings at the bottom of the egg as fully transformed particles, now manifested as positive and beneficial waves that fortify our immune system against assaults from various forms of electromagnetic waves. Yields effects that are measurable, quantifiable and verifiable.

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