Mr. Denys Gagnon

Inspired by:

- The remarks of the International Radiation Protection Association concerning radiation protection;

- The guidelines of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection to prevent EBF from entering our bodies in harm’s way;

- The recommendations of the International Agency for Research on Cancer by the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO), classifying EBF as “possible human carcinogens”;

Denys Gagnon, a graduate of the International Academy of Health Sciences as a Professional Advisor in Habitat Biology, has been systematically testing for over 40 years in a measurable, quantifiable and verifiable manner. the effects of Denys Gagnon’s Biomagnetic Regenerator (RBDG) to increase our longevity.

I have a gift of clairvoyance using pictures, that I've been practising for 17 years. I had trouble reading certain individuals who had a developed sense of extra-sensory. On the advice of a friend, I bought a 22k gold device to boost my conscience. It worked very well for me. I can now read all people. Furthermore, it improved my clairvoyance. The images in my mental screen are clearer and faster. I can now do a more complete readout for my clients.

Carole Chartrand

I do energy therapy, such as Reiki and acupression. I suspended wood purifiers over my treatment table and since then my treatments doubled in strength because the devices' healing energy. My clients feel the difference and leave more relaxed and energized. Because of that, my clientele doubled! I'm very happy about those devices. I shared my experience with other therapists who gave me good comments concerning the Biomagnetic Energy Purifier.

Mario Demers

[Among many situations where the Biomagnetic Energy Purifiers have proven effective.] I was doing clairvoyance on late night television. Since I was very tired, M. Gagnon recommended I wear the Brain and Spirit Pendant (Gold 18K), which helped stabilize my aura in the highest spheres and gather the correct information for people. [...] I have sold Silver "Light" pendants to many of my customers and see the difference in those who wear it. (free translation)

Julie Leblanc, Multidisciplinary Medium, Naturopath, TV & Radio Host

Our Biomagnetic Energy Purifiers help purify and regenerate the surrounding energies. Fuelled by sunlight, these aesthetically pleasing biomagnetic pendants contribute to a better physical, psychic and spiritual health.