Energy Purifier

Wood Pendants

Our wood Biomagnetic Energy Purifiers are completely handmade with 100% Canadian hardwood. Their main purpose is to increase and balance the ambient biomagnetic energy level, thus contributing to physical, psychic and spiritual health.

Wood is the perfect material to be used for this device for many reasons. As a non-conductive material, it doesn't collect harmful electromagnetic waves to be re-circulated. The dense grain of hardwoods, such as Maple and Beech, helps the purifier to maintain its charge for longer. Also, the denser the wood grain, the more luminous the energy it radiates. Finally, as an organic material, it releases organic energy, which is more easily absorbed by humans.

Knowing which size to choose, single, triple or quadruple, depends on where the purifier will be installed and how many negative electromagnetic waves need to be countered. For example, it might be best to opt for a triple purifier if you have several computers in your home.

Silver pendants

The Silver "Light" pendant cleanses bad memories and negative vibrations (that could be considered as memory, sentimental or emotional energy) that are all around us in the environment. It not only purifies people but cars, houses, businesses and even industries. It purifies knowledge, actions and thoughts, which we call memories because it impacts every little thing experienced by a person, a place, a building, etc.

As a necklace, the Silver "Light" pendant increases the density and the radiation of the body's light and energy. It also helps balance and harmonize one's mood by purifying our inner distractions as well as the harmful influences of our surroundings (conflicts, jealousy, tensions), whether it be in our personal and/or professional environment. It accelerates our evolution.

Suspended at work, at home or in a car, the Silver "Light" pendant cleans the memories as well as the experiences of the place and harmonizes them. It enhances the sensations of wellness, calm and peace by increasing the light energy of the environment.

For example, a house may be full of love, positivity or negativity. Those charges affect the people who live in that house. Another example would be a purified business. Infuse a workplace with magnetism, and you will notice productivity increase by at least 20%. Science experts measure the earth's pollution at 140%. This is in part because light is polluted by human activities such as wars.

Gold and Platinum pendants

The Chakras Pendant Series cleanses bad memories and negative vibrations of the domain that could be called "spiritual growth energy". In this context, the "spiritual" means: in harmony with the Universe.

The different karats affect different levels of our person:

  • 10K Gold – For the body – It fortifies the physical body and its organs.
  • 14K Gold – For the soul and emotional centering – It helps reduce and balance emotional spikes. It also helps improve self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • 18K Gold – For the Brain and Spirit – It increases the clarity of the spirit as well as psychic abilities.
  • 22K Gold – For the Conscience and Spirituality – It helps the conscience and psychic development and facilitates contact with the spiritual world by opening the celestial planes.
  • Platinum – For Longevity – It delays aging by strengthening the ions of life.
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