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That electrical activities are far from being harmless, including extreme low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields, such as:

  • Household appliances, televisions, computers, computer monitors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, tablets, cellular, AM and FM radio, residential telephones, wireless earphones, electrical sockets, lights, back-up services, intercoms, stereo systems, lamps and other electrical, electronic, computer and mechanical devices.
  • Electrical installations and transmission of electricity, electricity leaks from power lines high voltage, electrical losses, smart meters, cell towers, chemical building materials, toxic products, pollution, etc.

That the electromagnetic (artificial) fields, generated by the passage of an electric current, are harmful waves that can deplete our vital level of energy in the long term because:

  • Any electrical device connected to a wall outlet, even if not in operation, produces an electric field day and night.
  • The passage of an electric current through a conductor wire generates a magnetic field. This means that these two combined fields give rise to an electromagnetic field .
  • Extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields depend on electrical activities which:
  • Circulate, by convention, from the positive marker [+] to the negative marker [-] that is, in the opposite direction of the natural terrestrial magnetic field
  • Are electrically charged waves (ELECTRO)
  • Are (MAGNETIC) waves artificially modified by human activity
  • Force the electrons of the atoms of our environment and living cells to rotate CONSTANTLY in the opposite direction of the Earth’s (natural) magnetic field, thus destroying our vital energy level.
  • Modifies or disrupts the biological activity of our body. (This is widely documented.)

These fields (electric and electromagnetic) are deployed in the surrounding space and gradually destroy the Earth’s magnetic field (natural) indispensable to our quality of life and even to our survival.

That various scientific studies have shown that electric fields and artificial electromagnetic fields of high or low intensity are harmful (day and night) on cell metabolism, since in the short term as well as in the long term, they could have the effect of:

  • Alter Vital energy, to disrupt the mechanism of production of natural antioxidants, to generate changes in the level of blood antioxidants
  • Cause unexplained fatigue, visual and hearing problems, heart rhythm problems, memory loss, nervousness, and insomnia, anxiety, palpitation, cognitive impairment;
  • Affect the hormonal system of children and adolescents, the production of melatonin sleep regulator, the triggering of oxidative stress in reproductive cells, the alteration of the antioxidant defense system, 1st risk of neurological disturbances. (Adapted from this article (In French)

That the electromagnetic fields of Extremely low frequency (ELF), which emit frequencies of the order of 30 to 40 Hertz, are subject to:

  • Impose a different rhythm on the brain (much more active)
  • Disrupt the 1st cycle of sleep that normally works in waves:
    • Beta (full day activity) faster waves between 15-30 Hz
    • Alpha (creativity) slow waves between 8 and 13 hertz (Hz).
    • Theta (intense relaxation) relatively slow between 4 to 7 Hz
    • Delta (deep sleep) wavelengths between 0.5 21 4 Hz

Faced with so much uncertainty, the World Health Organization (WHO) decided to classify ELF waves in 2011 as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”.

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