Energy Purifier

Energy, in the eyes of Mr. Denys Gagnon

Mr. Denys Gagnon, inventor of the Biomagnetic Energy Purifier, is an intuitive researcher from Quebec whose discoveries are based on over forty years of practice as a natural healer. Mr. Gagnon holds a diploma from the Académie Internationale des Sciences de la Santé in Paris, France. Homeopath, Radiesthesist and Geobiologist, he shares what he has learned and developed, so you may adapt it into your every day life. 

Energy flows freely around us in various forms. For example, there is the electricity in our homes that depends on power plants, and then there is natural energy, often referred to as solar energy, terrestrial magnetism and even the charisma of a person. Although they are not visible, these energies can be perceived to various degrees. Like how one feels in a wooded park near a waterfall, for example.

Structures like the pyramids and the ovoid, generate their own natural energy thanks to their shape. They are self-sufficient; no need for batteries.

Then there is us; we do not need a battery to operate, but we need energy none the less.

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