Energy Purifier


Silver Suspended Purifier

The Silver suspended purifier cleanses bad memories and negative vibrations scattered all around us in the environment. By cleaning and harmonizing the memories and the experiences in a location, it enhances the sensations of wellness, calm and peace by increasing the light energy of the environment. This device never charges itself. It has a sacred shape and a polarization that allows it to transform harmful waves (HW) into beneficial waves (BW).

Installation: The Bio-magnetic Energy Purifier must be suspended from the ceiling, the small end facing up. The cord is exactly the right length. Choose an area in the room that won’t be disturbed by your movements, leaving 1 meter on each side free from obstacles (for example a wall), for a total of 2 meters in diameter.

Care: When needed, clean the pendant with the appropriate liquid (available in any jewelry store).

Warranty: All of our Bio-magnetic Energy Purifiers come with a 1-year warranty against all manufacturing defects. The lifespan of silver purifiers is 90 years.

Handling: Please allow 3 business days for your order to be processed for shipping.


• 1.25" (3.18 cm) = n/a
• 1.5" (2.54 cm) = 100 ft2 (30.5m2)

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