Energy Purifier


Silver Egg-Shaped Purifier

Introducing the Silver Egg-shaped Purifier. This powerful tool works on the level of memories, experiences, actions, and thoughts—specifically, past memories. As it's said, "Time is a giant hard disk that records everything."

Memories are composed of light energy, making them immortal, but they can be purified. The Silver Egg, along with certain purifying essences, can burn or transform these memories. Silver is renowned for its purifying properties.

Consider the difference between spending a few hours in a sanctuary versus a prison; the energy shift is palpable.

For instance, in a house where someone had cancer, the residual energy can transfer to another person. This phenomenon also occurs in cases of divorce; couples who move into a house formerly owned by a divorced couple may experience similar challenges.

While houses may appear clean physically, they retain the energies and experiences of previous occupants.

If it's a pendant, it is to be worn around the neck, at sternum height. You can also suspend it from the ceiling.

If it's a purifier, it must be suspended from the ceiling, the small end facing up. The cord is exactly the right length. Choose an area in the room that won’t be disturbed by your movements, leaving 1 meter on each side free from obstacles (for example a wall), for a total of 2 meters in diameter.

Care: When needed, clean the pendant with the appropriate liquid (available in any jewelry store).

Warranty: All of our Bio-magnetic Energy Purifiers come with a 1-year warranty against all manufacturing defects. The lifespan of silver purifiers is 90 years.

Handling: Please allow 3 business days for your order to be processed for shipping.


  • Teenager | 0.625" (1.59 cm) = 8g
  • Adult | 0.75" (1.91 cm) = 10g
  • Adult | 1" (2.54 cm) = 15g
  • Automobile | 1 1/4" = 23g
  • House | 1 1/2" = 37g


L'oeuf d'argent est un purificateur, il travaille au niveau des mémoires, du vécu, des actions, des pensées; on l'appelle la mémoire des murs, "le temps est un gros disque dur qui enregistre tout".

Ces mémoires sont de l'énergie lumière, donc elles sont immortelles mais on peut les purifier, c'est ce que fait l'oeuf d'argent ou certaines essences purificatrices, donc soit on la brûle ou on la transforme. L'argent possède ces propriétés purificatrices.

Allez passer quelques heures dans un sanctuaire, et ensuite allez dans une prison, et vous sentirez la différence.

Par exemple, où il y a eu une personne mourante d'un cancer,  le cancer serait donner à une autre personne. Il en est ainsi pour le divorce, les nouveaux arrivants dans leur maison subiront le même sort.

Les habitations sont très propres physiquement, mais elles sont très souillées par le vécu des personnes qui les ont habitées.


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