Energy Purifier

The Biomagnetic Regenerator by Denys Gagnon (RBDG), taking the form of an apparently ordinary egg, proves to be the source of extraordinary benefits due to its ability to:

  • Regenerate, revitalize, and optimize our overall health by protecting us from potentially harmful electromagnetic fields generated by electrical currents.
  • Purify our environment by eliminating harmful waves and free radicals in the air, which attack our vital energy level.
  • Permanently amplify the Earth's natural magnetic field, thus transforming detrimental negative waves into positive and beneficial waves through the action of the RBDG.

As a result, the RBDG acts in harmony with the Earth's natural magnetic field, vital for our existence, as if you were bringing a sunlit forest into your home, workplace, businesses, and more. Surrounding your living space with the healing VEGETAL magnetism relaxes and revitalizes your cells much more profoundly than mineral magnetism would. Did you know that mineral elements such as calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, potassium, sodium, etc., are inorganic minerals that cannot be assimilated by humans (and even animals) unless transformed by the action of vegetal elements (like the activity of plants)? This transformation converts inorganic mineral elements into organic mineral elements, making them compatible with human physiology and assimilable by the body.

In other words, imagine the difference between spending four hours in a shopping mall surrounded by mineral electromagnetism (polluted energy) and spending four hours in a sunlit forest surrounded by healing VEGETAL magnetism (clean energy) - the former situation may induce fatigue and nervousness, while the latter leaves you relaxed and revitalized. The RBDG, through its healing wooden eggs, continuously provides your living space with healing VEGETAL magnetism, transforming your environment into a true haven of health, akin to a hospital devoted to your well-being.

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